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     "In my former role as the FBI’s head of counterintelligence, our agents would have salivated over the potential presented by a recruitment target [Trump] who was facing public humiliation and possible personal bankruptcy from crushing debt, criminal exposure and the collapse of his highly cultivated business mogul persona.


    And now we know that this president has so much debt, so many conflicts of interest with foreign business ties, so many suspicious and potentially criminal manipulations of the U.S. tax code that he should be unable to get the security clearance required to work in the cafeteria at FBI headquarters. The most apparent tax violations include claiming as business expenses $70,000 for “hair styling,” and consulting fees paid by the Trump Organization to his daughter Ivanka while she was simultaneously an employee of the organization."

Frank Figliuzzi is a columnist and a national security contributor for NBC. He was the FBI’s assistant director for counterintelligence, where he served 25 years as a Special Agent and directed all espionage investigations across government. He is the author of “The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau’s Code of Excellence.”

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