2020 News Released and Round Up

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July 3        The European Union Flattened the Curve With a Collective-Protection Strategy

June 25     When it Comes to Community Face Masks, Europe is Ahead of the Curve

June 12     Face Masks and Flattening the Curve Regionally

June 5       Top Performers Among Common Fabrics Tested to Block Virus-Like Particles


May 31       Fabrics Charge Up Filtering Efficiency of Cotton Used in Face Masks


2020 Visual News Released

June 12      WHO Issues New Face Mask Interim Recommendations

June 5        Top Filtration Performers from US Study--Graphic Release Supplement

May 31       SARS-CoV-2 Picture Story

From the Bog Side:

June         Custom Face Mask Patterns Using Two Facial Measurements from YouTube

June         Nano Silver & Zinc in Consumer Face Masks:  Do We Need That?





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