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News Releases

Note: Starting July 2021, all new stories will appear under the home page mast head only.

July 3        The European Union Flattened the Curve With a Collective-Protection Strategy

June 25     When it Comes to Community Face Masks, Europe is Ahead of the Curve

June 12     Face Masks and Flattening the Curve Regionally

June 5       Top Performers Among Common Fabrics Tested to Block Virus-Like Particles


May 31       Fabrics Charge Up Filtering Efficiency of Cotton Used in Face Masks


2020 Visual News Released

June 12      WHO Issues New Face Mask Interim Recommendations

June 5        Top Filtration Performers from US Study--Graphic Release Supplement

May 31       SARS-CoV-2 Picture Story

From the Bog Side:

June         Custom Face Mask Patterns Using Two Facial Measurements from YouTube

June         Nano Silver & Zinc in Consumer Face Masks:  Do We Need That?


SNS Ends Cloth Mask Filtration Efficiency Science
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Science News Service (SNS) thanks FPA for it's support and distribution of news feeds since the beginning of the pandemic

The FPA kindly distributed all SNS news releases throughout every member news outlet in Florida starting at the beginning of the pandemic. With the advent of Covid-19 vaccines, SNS has changed focus to encouraging the public to closely monitor, and follow, CDC guidance about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and to practice that mitigation guidance at the local level, meaning in accordance with the infection rate of any individual state and in particular, any individual U.S. county at the present time. SNS appreciates FPA's desire to continue receiving Science News Service releases for free distribution and FPA's understanding that the service is no longer available after vaccines became approved.

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