2020 News Released and Round Up

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July 3        The European Union Flattened the Curve With a Collective-Protection Strategy

June 25     When it Comes to Community Face Masks, Europe is Ahead of the Curve

June 12     Face Masks and Flattening the Curve Regionally

June 5       Top Performers Among Common Fabrics Tested to Block Virus-Like Particles


May 31       Fabrics Charge Up Filtering Efficiency of Cotton Used in Face Masks


2020 Visual News Released

June 12      WHO Issues New Face Mask Interim Recommendations

June 5        Top Filtration Performers from US Study--Graphic Release Supplement

May 31       SARS-CoV-2 Picture Story

From the Bog Side:

June         Custom Face Mask Patterns Using Two Facial Measurements from YouTube

June         Nano Silver & Zinc in Consumer Face Masks:  Do We Need That?



SNS is supporting the launch of a new start up.  The niche market involves a disruptive new approach to body wear adornment within one of the most elegant and sensuous sectors of the fashion industry. With the advent and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, and the nation more willing to embrace masks that filter 70% to 90% of SARS-CoV-2, SNS is turning this corner.  Masks have been touted in study after study to be more effective than lockdowns.  This knowledge, together with the CDC working on formal filtering quality standards for consumer masks, SNS will migrate over to exclusively covering the ergonomic new technology that will hopefully light up the runways at Fashion Weeks to come.  dit me. It's easy.